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Work Play - text


Two ways of thinking about the things you planned
Got to work it out the best you can
Need this space in time to make my move
I can promise you that my plans are definitely including you
I've always been a loner, things have worked out fine
Only me to think about, I, me, my
Looking in the mirror reflecting on my life
It's got to be ultimately down to me to put things right
Work play, we're gonna do it
With you with me, sure there's nothing to it
Work play, here's looking to it
Take each day and hope that we get through it
Work play, we're gonna make it
Ain't no way that no-one's gonna break it
Laughter lines on my face, has there ever been
You put them there and all you did was grin
Always leading with my left hand, never right
Makes me have a positive urge to fight
Sharing with someone who needs me too

Text přidala Richenza

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