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It All Comes Back To You - text


I wouldn't waste time, it's too precious to me
After what I've been through I can clearly see
I don't feel bitter though believe me I should
Something inside me says it all comes back on you

Maybe one day you will feel the same
'Till it happens you will feel no pain
You will walk through life feeling nothing at all
Something inside me says it all comes back on you

I never thought that I could go it alone
There comes a time you have to make a stand
I hold no grudge, but I couldn't take your lies
I got one thing to say to you, this is my reply

There are forces of evil, forces of good
You must expect to pay the price, I really think you should
Time for payback, you never thought I could
But it all comes back on you
It all comes back on you
All comes back on you

Text přidala Richenza

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