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Early in the morning
Oh not school again
Tears in his eyes the fear and
The cries, what big, big sighs

Blue Jay, Blue Day
Blue Jay, Blue Day

He's up and dressed, he tries his best
He doesn't want to know
Watching the downfall of snow
From the leaded window
It's dark it's dreary he likes
His pillow, what's wrong with that

Blue Jay, Blue Day
Blue Jay, Blue Day

Dreaming of better things
That he would rather do
Riding his bike, painting his cars red and blue
His thoughts are miles away, always on holiday

In the car and off to school
We're on our way, tears and anger all the way
Once at school he'll soon forget
He's off to play

Blue Jay, Blue Day
Blue Jay, Blue Day

Text přidala Richenza

Love Is Love

Brooks Elkie texty

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