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Trick or Treat? - text


Wake up in the morning with a girl that I don't know but yo she's lookin kind of FINE THO!
Cook some breakfast on the oven roll a blunt and then we puff it till our mother fuckin EYES LOW!
Says she feels like fuckin so we get the bed jumpin like some (zoot zoot) HYDROS!
Yeah I hit it from the back front to back side to side you already know how I go...
Yeah, roll another bleez, smoke at ease with a girl from overseas oh em gee.
Yeah, she just want a rapper that can scream when you do it like me they gon' feen.
Yeah, all up on the Johnny with her hands all on my body tryna get on top of me.
Yeah I hit it like a pro. If she's tryna play me, (maybe) I don't even know...

I don't know if she's a trick.
Maybe she's a treat.
I don't even know but she twerks on me.
Girl ride that thanng.
Ride that thanng.
Girl you look good when you ride that thang.
Don't hide that thanng.
Cuz you already KNOW.
She's a bad bitch from her head to her TOES.
Says she so high but she's trying to go LOW.
If she tryna play me (maybe) I don't fucking KNOW.
Gotta pay for college so she dancing on the POLE.
Is she a good girl maybe not, maybe SO.
Or maybe she's a trick and she only wants my SOUL.
Wants the diamonds and the gold all the money and the HOME.
But who knows maybe she could be a TREAT.
Sweet like candy but nasty in the SHEETS.
Maybe shes the one cause our loves so DEEP.
In the back of my head all Im thinking in REPEAT...

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