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Talk Shit Get Kissed - text


Show me your dick
You better pull it out quick
Dont make me show you these fists
Dont be a fucking bitch

Your nothing but a fucking coward
You say you think you’re tough
You came to spread your message
I came to spread your butt

You like to talk that shit
Yeah, you can choke on it
But it’s hard to talk with a mouth full of jizz

I should know
yeah, i really should know
If theres one thing in life i’ve learned
Its how to take a load

You’re just a bitch

Clenched fists
Brass knuckles
Throw your punch
Deep inside me

You name the time
I’ll name the place
I’ll rearrange your face
Inside my rectum

You bring your crew
Ill bring my crew
An all out war
Over who finishes first

There is no turning back
This is a battleground
Bodies hit the floor
Soaked in sweat and semen

We’ll make you pay
For everything
I’ll take the pain
Sometimes i tuck in my dick

Everyone is dead
Everyone is limp


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