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What's goin on - text


I was wonderin’ why the people act so
strange - hatin’ on each other ain’t no love
in these cold days - so I try to find out
what’s the reason now - but I guess the
answer is up behind the clouds

I try to understand - why they don’t com-
prehend - together hand in hand - and free
to succeed - there will be a better day - now
let me hear you say

Whats goin’ on

It’s time for us to stand up and stop the hat-
ing - start to love and respect sisters and
brothers - don’t you make no differences
between each other - get yourself together,
love is all that matters

Now as I take a look around, I see some-
thing’s wrong - and I ask myself what’s
going on - and I make you wanna dance on
this track like that - and if you don’t act
correct, then it’s time to lay back and think
twice - cause we got only one life open up
youre eyes - and you will see the light that
shines brighter than the sun - c’mon live in
peace and harmony

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