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Hot temptation - text


1.Rap: (Faiz)
it's show time
makes us proud
no matter how deep you are in
a crowd
be shaking you're thing like mr. brown
break ya neckk lay back and say it loud
it's bro`sis once again baby
round 2 ding ding just in time lady
hot temtation all night long
till the break of dawn

the nightshift's taking over
no need to tell you 'cuz you'll know
when the girls are in the word
is out
they've come to steel the show

the heels are high- the style is wild
you`re scared to come too close
and if you tread me like a lady
i need to let you know

i`m in hit for the hot temptation
sing it - feel it- minute by minute
i ain't talkin' 'bout a sweet relation
said it- get it- come on

while the groove is gettiing deeper
and the lights are burning' low
got a feeling that we soon can't control
now's the time to let go

hot and steamy i know you can see m
livin' out my dream
she is just an ordinary lady
who likes to cause a scene

2x Refrain

hot temptation knowin' what it is
bring a new breeze style the music business
jumpin' all about when the nights-hifts over
grab you a girl and scream HO
we beg the saiznitz
runnin' with the nubitz
y'alln gotta roll with this

comin' thru 2 captures
with them hard stix
steppin' up wwe be bro'sis

pigidipass the mike to me
GIOs in the place tio be
for real all rights deserves by my
boys and girls
bro'sis is the name
making rumble in the jungle
like the king and say HEY HEY HEY
i got to pick up
can i pick you up and saty saty
your heels are high but i got style what
tonight is the night
give it up for the hot temptation

2x Refrain

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