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All the lies I’ve been waste and wait in the dark
To lay into infinity, lay on loud
Right time, I will
Round out its free and rush the
I can’t place all this time
I am coming to realize all that I work, it’s all the same
I keep waiting, trying to find something new
I’ve seen it all
Roll once, it’s wider then ball
Cuz when I try and bang
Cuz when I try to do, I could never figure it out
To live a life and flex it all and kill
Say what you want and anybodycause this life
Should tell me what you do
If you can’t face it, try something else
On the dark like all way
Watch the world slap right throw your fingers
Take it all but let it watch
Now get up like watching now somebody
Push it over, push the limit
Can’t go worst
Cuz I’m not gonna change

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Alpha - EP


Brightwell texty

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