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It Must Be You - text


There's a rumor going around
that suddenly I've been freed.
That I'm no longer on the ground
cause on my
My world turned upside down,
and I know this much is true.
Everywhere I turn, I turn to you

It must be you that saved me
Tell again that you'll be my baby, yea
It must be you that's turning my world around
and I'm finally learning to love again,
it's true and it must be you.

Thought I'd giving up on love
like my heart would never heal
like an angel from above
you showed me how it feels
to be alive again
to learn to trust my heart
and now that I've found you
we'll never be apart
Oh Baby


I don't know where we are going but
I do not care
cause baby it is all I need
having you here for eternity
Oh Baby


Text přidal Moonblade

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