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In A Lover's Eyes - text


All you see are endless skies, like an ocean lit by fireflies
With a long deep breath, I speak my heart
Saying things I'm not sure just what they are
A feeling catches me by surprise
You can see forever in a lover's eyes

I can stop myself but on I go
Finding feelings I have never known
There's hope beyond your wildest dreams
And the feeling is nothing to extreme
In a flash, tomorrow begins to rise
You can see forever in a lover's eyes

I can see your world, beautiful and new
And although I'm not sure where it's leading to
We will travel on, our fate unknown
And for once I know I'm not alone

It's a trade we make, a sacrifice
Love never ending is surely worth the price
If we survive, love holds no greater price
You can see forever in a lover's eyes

Text přidal Moonblade

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