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We Are the Marauders - text


We are the Marauders
We've come to steal your daughters
We like our booze and our rock 'n' roll
We'll break your heart
And we'll steal your soul
We don't buy that two-bit rap
'Cause American Idol is a bunch of crap
I didn't buy this here guitar
To be a big television star

We are the Marauders
It's nothing no one taught us
If you're a Pennsylvania man
They'll stick a shovel right in your hand

We've got this music in our soul
It's nothin' you can hear on the radio
If you don't get it, that's your tough luck
We don't care about makin' a buck

We're the boys that are here to rock!

We are the Marauders
We'll never obey your orders
Right now they think you're a fool
Next year they'll be following you

Don't buy the official line
That they don't like this song of mine
If you don't like it, the door ain't locked
Buy me on more Rolling Rock!
I said buy me on more Rolling Rock!

We are the Marauders
Life is one tall order
You gotta do what you wanna do
You gotta do what you were born to do
But this whole life is way too short
It it feels right to you
Weel there's the start

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