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Made For More - text


Don't care about money don't care about fame
Not chasing some great accolade
Oh I want more
I've never been much for flattery
So don't waste that kind of talk on me
Oh I want more

More than this whole world can offer
More than all that time destroys
And all I've wanted here can't satisfy my wanting
'Cause I was made made for more

Well I've climbed as high as status goes
But I've got social vertigo
Oh I want more
Never thought my gifts would seal my worth
I never wanted fans just wanted church
Oh I want more

And after all I wasn't made for here
But I give myself to all you gave

Well I want to see my kids grow old
And always have your hand to hold
Oh I was made made for more
Made for more

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Real Life

Lincoln Brewster texty

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