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Tell Me Where to Park - text

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[Verse 1]
I got the chrome all shined up
Look how the moon just climbed up
Who knows where we'll wind up, ooh
A finger hanging on your belt look
Finger flipping for the right tune
You know how bad I want you, ooh
Oh, I hope that you liking
How I handle the curves
I can't think straight and
I'm starting to swerve so let's go
No more driving around in circles, let's roll
I could show you my moves while we're headlights ends
And brake lights burning like a Cuban cigar
Sitting by the tree in your neighbour's yard
Or outside of town where the wild things are
Just tell me where to park, tell me where to park
Tell me where to park,Tell me where to park
Just tell me where to park, Ooh
[Verse 2]
We don't need a drop of gasoline
Setting off sparks in the passenger seat
You can write your name in the window steam, ooh
And we can hit a hundred standing still
Barely hanging on on the top of a hill
Sliding on the hood, kicking off your heels, ooh

Well we still got time fore the moon runs out
To find what these hearts are beating about so let's go
Tell me where to park
Yeah tell me where to park

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