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One Mississippi, two Mississippi
Counting down the seconds
Standing in the wreckage of love
On a cold grey Jackson dawn
Oh I just can't watch this
Sure can't stop this
I keep waiting
Your tail lights are fading, I see
You're already gone
I'm half of who I used to be
One Mississippi
[Verse 1]
Lipstick on the coffee cup
I know I should wash it up But maybe I'll
Just wait here for a little while
I run my fingers around the top
Where your lips were I just stop 'cause I
I can almost see your smile
[Verse 2]
And I know everybody's got their demons
Everybody's got their reasons
Why they leave when they run
But baby I could have helped you through it
You built a wall and I couldn't get to it
Now I'm waiting for the rain
And the pain to come yeah

Ooh one Mississippi
Yeah yeah yeah Yeah

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