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[Verse 1]
People say I'm a little shy
And I keep to myself (oh well)
I ain't much for small talking
Don't want to waste my breath
Everything we're saying has already been said
Politics and weather, Well I'm out
But when someone brings you up
There ain't no shutting my mouth
I go on and on,Talking about you baby
All day long,your name it just rolls so easy off my tongue
That I can't help but go on and on and on and on and on
[Verse 2]
Those baby blues and the way
You move have got me losing my mind
Just can't help myself
Don't want to talk about nothing else
This is only conversation
We're conversating about
When once you get me going
There ain't no slowing me down

Well I ain't going to tell you I know everything
But I don't want things so let me do my thing
You turn me on and on and on
And on and on On and on
Oh on and on about you baby
Hoo, All Day Long, on and on

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Bring You Back

Brett Eldredge texty

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