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I never do what I'm used to
I just switch up any style I choose to
All these rappers the same
This ain't a game
Young Savage my name

My daddy gave me this shit I'mma take it
Anyone else say they savage they fake it
I got my paper to back up this statement
Thinking they making it up so they hating
I pop a pill cause I need motivation
I'm working hard but it feels like vacation
Fuck Donald Trump he ain't leading the nation
He might be rich but he act like a bitch

I got some bitches who want more of my kiss
I put their names at the bottom my list
I'll be comparing the diamonds on my wrist
To the size of your fist if you wanna resist
She never playing nor testing my luck
She keep a knot in the bag in the trunk
Lip-syncing G she don't listen to punk (?)
A model she sip out a bottle she fuck

Give me a stack girl the chain of your neck
I never did me a thang I regret
Saying no feeling I'll make that a bet
She lick it and swallow (?), she kissing my neck
She say she love me so I make a deal
She sounding premier when I make a meal
She know that I keep it real
But if she cheat on me know I'm a kill (KILLLLLL)


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Video přidal Zmrd_97

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