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It's Not You,It's Me - text


She don't wanna get close with me
She don't wanna sip wine on the coast with me
It would really mean the most me
Sit back,talk bout how I use to be
I can't complain that you blame it on me
If it wasn't for me who knows what we could be
Where I'm at now I feel so shitty
Pack my bags I'ma leave this city
Hit the mall spend it all for you
Only if you want me to,You know I love you
Wish that I could turn time around
Back like it was in high school,when I
See your face,hear your voice,hear your name
My heart beat outa my chest like it use to
Even though I'm an asshole,I could be an asshole
I never thought I would lose you
Took her to fast,Got lost in the lust
Lock me in my room,Burnt blunt in the dust
Girl don't mind I'ma be just fine
You could leave me behind,to die It's what I'm used to

I don't think I can love again
I don't think I'll feel love again
You were my girl you were my best friend
Come to find,It was all pretend
I don't think I can love again
I don't think I'll find love again
You ripped my heart with a safety pin
Think of me when this beat begin,like


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