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There's no need to say a word, still looking for expressions
Grow tired of the endless plains, inside the mind of mine
The walls creeping down, a bed made of spikes
Cannot rest, work has to be done
My silence is gone, with air flowing out from deep within
Gods will come and gods will go, and stay alive,
And stay for a while, more awaits
Gods will come, gods will go
Born a soulless tale of waste, another day in distant worlds of fear
Many ways, led me here, to this place I don't belong
You can choose your way by wise decision, but I just wanna fly
The page is turned
The book has closed forever more
Burn the last remains and call it a day
Noone has to know, everything has been said
The story ends at last
Can we go home now to our lives?
Let the secrets fall beyond
The consious of our future
A soulless tale, a test of time
And it never stops

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The Inn of Sorrowing Souls

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