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We bear your throne
and pay the ultimate price for
our right to suffer and rot again
Endless genocide, ignorance and blood, money is the god
with no one in your way death is your bussines
and we fight the wars you create
you try to hide your claws, you took us our voice,
illusion of choice, polygonal truth,
I donť need a proof I see right through your mask
the devil dressed as a savior
One day you will fall on your knees
and the wolfs will come to bite off the head of the snake
divide conquer
with no one in your way your power grows stronger
I know it's hard to believe that we have all been fooled
our leaders are a reflection of our indifference,
accept the bitter truth
worship the crown
silence the martyrs
we all say there has to be a change well
that's just a dream because we always stay the same

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As Above So Below

Breaking The Cycle texty

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