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It's Not a Lake, It's an Ocean - text

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When it began, it was all planned out
His thoughts were running in circles
Not a single doubt
He took a chance grabbed his heart
One Life, one chance, never looking back
Now do you hear his voice
Screaming over the skyline
Smashing all your lies
Until the tide comes in
He’s getting closer to where you are
We fucking nailed him to the cross
This god won’t help us now
A line drawn in the sand
Cause we will all fall in the end
We will never break
No god can take it away from us
We won’t be forgotten we will never break
Carry my heart on my sleeve
No God can take it away from me
Deep in the sea of disbelief
You’ve planted your seed
A vision from the past
But without vision we will die
Born with emptiness
Buried him with our hearts

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