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What's Out There - text

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As the night turns cold and the moonlingt appears
Window silouhette becoming your worst fear
Green and red sweater, with knives on his hand
What you thought was a nightmare, in front of you he stands
Holding your breath, you stand their afraid
As he laughs at your suffering and fear
And in the blink of an eye, your life it passes by
You scream, but no one can hear
Do you know what's out there, bumping in the night
Do you know what's out there, when it's not in sight
If you don't know what's out there, how will you make it through the night?
Deep in the woods, near a cabin by the lake
With your woman getting ready for the take
Just when you think that you have passed her little test
A machete from above plows through her treasured chest
Holding your breath, you stand there afraid
As the hockey-masked legend has returned from the grave
Yelling and screaming, blood pumps through your veins
As the edge of an ax crashes through your brain

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