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Darkness falls and fills the room, all absence of light
A sudden chill runs through your bones no help for you in sight
Your time on earth has come to an end so welcome to your death
Now minutes have turned to seconds as you gasp for your last breath
The end of time has finally come the angel of death is at the door
With beckoning hands he calls for you "Hell always has room for just one more"
Sent from Hell, to collect your soul
For he sees what's deep inside
A filthy heart that's stained in's time for you to die
Murderous ways on innocent lives, he finds you guilty of all your sins
So pack your bags you're going for a ride, your life has come to an end
As a last attempt you fall to your knees hoping for truth in what the church said
Sorry, but no one is home, your prayers never made it over your head

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Metal for Eternity


Brazen Angel texty

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