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Well this is the starting of brand new day
I never liked this town anyway
I need a new life like the grass needs rain I’m gone
Diggin’ deep for the courage to climb
Leaving all my worries behind
Looking back for the very last time on southbound train
Too much of a good thing, can only bring you down
Living a life of excess will only cause you to drown
Can your soul be saved before they put you in the ground
Or is it too late for salvation to be found
It’s time to move along, I’ve been holding on too long
You better believe you’ve seen the last of me
I’ll be gone by the end of this song
How many times can you be defeated, before you give in
How many times can your soul be mistreated once it’s full of sin
We can never go back to the way it might have been
Sometimes you have to lose it all, just to begin again

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