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Forsake all your fears,
This is the moment we have all been waiting for now
Rebellion is here, consider this your call to arms
The serpent’s hold has loosened
Our master, he speaks, his inspiration will not lead will not lead us
astray to Africa we pray
We know the magic of the moment is on our side
It’s time now to risk our lives
United in this time and place, we summon now -
The Seance of The Slaves, calling to the other side
Seance of the Slaves forgotten spirit be our guide
We have heard, we know, rebellious thoughts have been sewn
They must be quashed, erased, destroyed, they cannot be allowed
to grow
It’s more than money that’s at stake
The entire Southern way of life depends on this experiment,
succeeding so they know
This is the only way to go, we can’t accept this change, examples
must be made
We know the magic of the moment is on our side
So tie those nooses tight
The consequences on display, for summoning

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