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All your colors, they bleed from black to white
As you sleep, in the dead of night
Spirits appear, before your eyes
Trying to tell apart the truth from the lies
Tossing and turning and wondering why
You're trapped in a nightmare your life flashes by
Darkened eyes have failed to see that your life's a gift, nothing's for free
Nightmare, your hands are cold and you're paralyzed with fear
Nightmare, you clench your fist as the end draws nearer and nearer
Nightmare, death has come he's knocking at your door
Nightmare, you'll pay the price for the life that you've ignored
You awake from the nightmare all dripping with sweat
Tormented, tortured, but not dead yet
The needle of sin is calling out your name (SINNER)
The demons have returned for a brand new game
The choice is yours to do what you will
But death will eventually collect on it's bill
Believe in yourself and you might get saved
Death takes no prisoners he just fills graves

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