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It's a new beginning, it's something like I've never seen before
It's never ending no matter how many times I close the door
I know forgiveness is elusive as a goal
Still I hope that one day I'll get another chance to hold you close
I never knew it'd last forever, now I'm standing here with you
Now it's my chance it's now or never
I wouldn't change it for the world
A dark past that haunts me, it's a side I hope you never have to see
I could tell you many things that might change the way you look at me
I know that secrets are never kept inside
Still I hope forever that I can shield you from the days gone by
It's creeping closer, I can feel it running through my bones
I can barely take it, any second now I will explode
I know the power is more than I can bear
I can't take the pressure, encompassing me everywhere

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Metal for Eternity


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