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Walkin’ and struttin’ like they’re running the world
Less than nothing is what they’re worth
I cast them the enemy
They lie and cheat and steal and break all the rules
Then use their charm to glamor these fools
It won’t phase me I’ve seen enough
It doesn’t matter what I say, they’ll always find a way
They must come out on top every time
Antagonistic’s how they want me to be
But unlike all the others they see
I ignore their revelry
It’s just a matter of time, until they cross the line
And I’ll rest easier because I know
Someone will break them
when they’re far away from home
And there’s no one they can turn to
They’re at their weakest when they’re left all alone
Far from Home
In their minds they’re the kings and queens
Of a world where the only dreams
That matter are the ones they recognize
What gives them the power to reign?
Confidence? Ability? Seems too tame
Why can’t we see they’re the ones that we despise?

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Confederate Soldier


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