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Evil of the Night - text

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When heroes fall they leave a void wrought with great uncertainty
Who can we look to now?
The enemy will never sleep in his never-ending quest to see
Us beaten, and destroyed
Some will claim we're paranoid,
there are no antagonists left the path is clear.
They hold trophies up for us to see
The conquests of their mastery,
But what if they're the ones to fear
I still believe, there are creatures we can't see
Their spirit calls us, begging to be set free
They are gathering around us, we must stand strong and fight
It's time to face the evil of the night
They've lied before, they'll lie again
So why should we entrust in them
Everything that we hold dear?
We must believe that we can win
When it's us versus them
We must prevail the time is here
We were not placed upon this earth, just to watch them tear it down
Like victims of circumstance
Our means will be justified as long as we can give
The next generations a chance

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