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Hell is here, open the door let’s get on with the show
The stage is set and your future’s are all foretold
Time to pay the devil’s due with your wretched soul
Where to begin? What about YOU with the envious heart?
Or maybe avarice and pride are the place to start.
One by one you’re coming with me now it’s time to depart.
Greed, sloth, gluttony. The lust will end with me, don’t you know that
I will paint the sky with shadows, make the world turn into black
I will rid your world of angels, but there will be no turning back
I’m the hero of the ones who have no souls and I’ll be there wherever you go Destroying Hope
Hold up stop the show!
You’re not the only game in town
Wherever the devil is living there’s never a Heaven that’s too far away
Why choose the dark side, when I can make things right? Don’t
you know that...
I can paint the sky with sunlight, let salvation lead the way
I will rid your world of demons and you won’t be led astray
I’m the hero of the ones with faith to show and I’ll be there wherever you go Delivering Hope
Now it’s up to you, which side do you choose? Don’t you know

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