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When the legends are told many years from now, don't believe every word you hear
When they say people joined 'cause of hatred, know for some it was fear
When you tried to point out their hypocrisy, your voice would go unheard
Unless you were elite in their society, you learned to never say a word
Who is right? I see the light, but it's so far I cannot reach
I wanna run, but I hear them say: "Let us NEVER be betrayed -
With the thunder and the lightning, we live life by the noose
In the darkness you will find us, crusaders of the truth."
Now the elders stand and call
We reply, with one loud voice from all
I am the one who doesn't speak
Under my hood, they'll never know it's me
I feel trapped inside this sheet
Even as the fire fades, I stil feel the heat
I've got to get away, even if it means I'm headed to my grave

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