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Confederate Soldier, fighting for pride
You watched Atlanta burn with tears streaming down from
your eyes
Confederate Soldier, never back down
Though you may lose the war, your memory lives forevermore
Dixie dew surrounds me, but still it don’t feel like home
It’s the land I love, now strangers roam
Thoughts of victory waning, impossible to conceive
That the war is lost while my brothers bleed
And now the generals exclaim:
“Confederate Soldier lead the way, this battlefield is ours today
We will not die alone
Our cause is strong and justified, to defend our rights we will ever
fight, we will not die”
Ethereal plane surrounds me, my body and spirit divide
But all the heaven-bound, still can’t turn the tide
One by one the fallen, join the ranks above
By the grace of God, our revenge will come
Behold the great Beyond
Confederate soldier lead the way, our glory waits in another place
Somewhere so far from home
Our bodies torn and battle scarred, but our spirit rises strong at
We will not die

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Confederate Soldier


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