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How can you justify you're heaven sent
When all of your actions lead to hell's quick desent
Maybe there's another way of living your life
Where you split up all your choices 'tween what's wrong and what's right
At the end of the day you're left between darkness and light
Day and night
Heavy and light
Wherever that place may be, well that's where you will find me
I'm a Brazen Angel, when you look to the sky
Can't you see the fire burning, well you know that's where I fly
The traits of evil and the heart of an angel
The comforts of safety and the thrill of danger
How can you walk it's such a fine fine line
Where everyone will fall if they're given the time
Maybe there's a place where the line is not so thin and you can begin
Without worrying about the end
Where ever that place may be, that's where you will find me
Can't you see the fire up in the sky?

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