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As sure as the night is black your heart knows no true love
How could I know?
Your facade of benevolence and care, the doting that you
shared was all just for show.
You didn’t want me, didn’t need me, and I was just a pawn in your game, you know it’s true
The day will come and you will find the world you’ve made inside your mind is so far from reality
That no matter what you do the pieces never seem to fit
And there’s nothing you can say to acquit
It’s true, it all comes back to you
You entered the room with plan in place but could not hide your guilty face
Now they will know
You’re a monster, not a victim though you play the part so well
Now your lies have run their course and everyone can tell
My life denied - all because of your poisoned mind
Inside - your demon spirit sent from Hell
They cried - having to watch you twist the truth
Despised - a whole nation’s feelings toward you
I will be vindicated by your demise

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