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Broken images, fading away
Don’t know if I can keep the demons at bay
I hear you whisper “if you heed what I say,
You’ll have it all if you’re willing to wait”
But you know, you know I can’t do that
You’ve got some wicked power to make my faith seem like
Are you an angel or a demon?
When you come you bring the darkness as I walk into light
Are you my killer or my savior?
I’m praising Satan with the thoughts I hide
But still I’m calling to the other side
I’m confused by all the answers you provide
I feel my temperature is rising fast
But still I’m drawn towards the painted glass
My heart beats....and I know, that there’s no turning back
Androgynous, Ambiguous
Your purpose never made more clear
I was at ease but now I’m filled with fear

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