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Throwaway - text


You make me feel so selfish
You make me feel like such a jerk
Always taking all my licorice
And say you wish
That things would work
How do I feel about you?
I don't know I don't feel anymore
Who the hell are you
Anyways I don't know
I don't care anymore
You go skip across the country
+ Shove it all back in my face
And then you break it to me gently
Some kiss girl was the case
Yer really not impressing me
Now that I am more appeasing
Taking everything for free
To lay me down I'm freezing
If we could be friends today
Could we share in a special way
Or let me know when it's OK
If it's easier just to throwaway

Text přidala AncuSHe

Video přidala AncuSHe

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