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Do You Know What You Have? - text


They say you don't know when you're losing a good thing
Until it's gone
And I sometimes think to myself
Does he know?

[Verse 1:]
Now all I hear you saying is don't stop
(Did, did you forget that)
What's that look on your face?
Are you surprised?
(You act like you can't believe this)
Gon and lay your head back (what)
While I set it off (what)
What you thinking bout (what)
Is it me or her? (what)
You say you'll never leave (what)
I ain't insecure (what)
What you yelling for

[Chorus: x4]
Do you know what you got here (do you know)

[Verse 2:]
I don't think you recognize
I'm certified ride or die
Why do I have to ask (what)
Is it good enough (what)
Don't you see in me (what)
What I'm committed for (what)
Take a bullet for ya (what)
If I had to (what)
Take my heart from me might point it at you

[Chorus: x4]
Do you know what you got here (do you know)

If you forgot what's
Waiting here
When you change your mind but
You're free to go
Just do me a favor
Leave your keys on the table
If you forgot what
The way this feels
When you changed your mind boy
You're free to go
Yeah yeah
(Does he know?)

[Chorus: x4]
Do you know what you got here (do you know)

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