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I’m fed up with my work
And the boss is a jerk
It feels like I’m wasting my time
In a dead-end job
I’m having to rob
Peter to pay Paul a dime
Why don’t we jump in my car
Just to see how far
This ol’ beat up rambler will drive
And trade it all in for the
Taste of tequila and lime (and)

Warm sunny beaches
Follow the wind where it blows
Tall palm trees greet us
Blue ocean waving hello
You could be my senorita
Oh and I’ll never let you go
Drinkin’ cold marguerites
On the warm sunny beaches
In Mexico

Every sunny day
We could laugh at the way
We used to live nine to five
In a hammock-swing
We’ll forget everything
Nothing but love on our minds
And after siesta
We’ll have a fiesta
And party until morning-time
And when the sun comes up (stops)
we’ll be singing out Ay ay ay ay! (on)

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