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I get paid peanuts
Ah, what a life
I live for lottery tickets and Friday night
And hoping that someday I’ll get it right
But it’s all good

In-laws, out-laws,
Baby cries
Three in the morning with bloodshot eyes
It’s a lot more work than I realized
But it’s all good

Sometimes it’s hard to see the positive at all
Little things pile up this they’re a lot
Stress and pressure builds and gets uncomfortable
Until you get your shorts tied in a knot
But it’s all good

It’s easy feeling like you’ve really lost control
When things fall all apart and come unwound
But you can stand all day just staring at the obstacles
Or you can try to find a way to get around

Now I love you, and you love me
Ain’t got much money, but I feel like a king
And even if I could I wouldn’t change a thing
Cause it’s all good
I look at this big beautiful world and I just have to think
That it’s all good

Text přidal Kondrik

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