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Ah Breaker one nine, this here's the lead reindeer,
you got a copy on me Frosty come on? Ah ya 10-4 there Frosty, fer sure, fer sure, by golly sure hope we still have a holly jolly one come on? Yeah that's a big 10 4 there Frosty, yeah we definitely, got our hands full tonight good buddy, mercy sakes alive we need a Christmas Convoy!
It was the dark of the moon,
and it was Christmas soon
Only a day away
D.O.T. was cracking down
and the toys had been delayed
we were stuck in a drift at the ol' North Pole
with eight mighty anxious reindeer
and if Santa didn't get some help
Christmas wouldn't come this year
We need a Christmas Convoy
this ain't no silent night
We need a Christmas Convoy
jingle bells and Christmas lights
Come on and join the Convoy
and nothing's gonna get in our way
Santa and his Christmas Convoy
in his great big Peterbuilt sleigh
Christmas Convoy
Breaker Frosty this here's ol' red nose, yeah you wanna move it on over for Santa? Yeah 10-4, he's greasy side up but we're
bout' to turn this salt-shaker out
well we all pulled outta the 'ol North Pole
ears on, eyes open wide
we were shaking the bushes, lookin for bear
in our triple digit ride
That wiggle wagon had his bird dog on as it hovered 'bove the ground
red green and white for chicken lights
decked out and loud and proud
Ah Frosty, yeah we're 10-33 and back door now, you're gonna hafta back off the hammer a bit cause we're double nickle and
'bout to hit the big road
Well the big elf blew the doors off
his eight reindeer powered ride
and flew on past the bear's den
in Georgia Overdrive
when on the black ice up ahead
there proved to be a pinch
a barricading roadblock
had been set up by the Grinch
Well there were teddy bears and cars and trucks and toys of every size
teetering out of the top of Santa's shiny ride
but Santa couldn't back 'em up
no matter what the cost
cause if he let that 'ol Grinch stop us
this year's Christmas would be lost
Ah Rudolph to Santa's Better Half, ah ya Mrs. Clause you're gonna wear your bumper out if you don't back off a bit, we're
coming up on antler alley, and we need all the help we can get
The grinch and all his henchmen
lined up on the road ahead
And Santa rolled his window down
and his nose and cheeks turned red
He pulled his hat on low and tight
and put the hammer down
and with a ho ho ho, he was slingin snow
singin Santa Claus is coming to town!
Yeah 10-4 Frosty what's your twenty? Guitar Town! Well they oughta know what to do with them toys down there for sure, well mercy sakes good buddy we gonna back on outa here, so keep the Grinch off your back, and the toys in the sack, we'll catch you next Christmas, this here's ol red nose in the lead, we gone, bye bye!

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