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Revelation In The Dominion Of Kernunnos - text


How Fearg ventured into the black domain of Kernunnos
And the revelation he was told

Inspired by the words of the wise
His Sgan'cunaimh in hands
Fearg entered serenely
In these dark woods with end
Naom Gan'Sidh left behind
The only enclave preserved
To a silent and dull universe, land of night

thou will hardly find thy way
Through these giant oaks, gaunt columns
Beware of the hordes of animals
The Nim'horcgl, first event

The confrontation with these creatures, gleams in the dark
A strange experience in his quest for god Kernunnos
Being humble a feeling he'd never known before
Confessing impotence was the answer

Righ of Naom Gan'Sidh, just a single tramp here below
Fearg continued his journey
Through the wide forest to a chasm

Overhung by a bridge of stone, a putrid pit and foul
On the other side stood a creature, half man, half wild boar

No use to fight, Fearg used trickery
Muddled the beast crossed

After a while he met a band of females dancing around an idol
Devoured alive and thrown into a cauldron, by magic Fearg got out

The statue moved and came to Fearg
A Journey's end

The god told the story of the Sidh. How Kran ruined the lands and people
Fearg realized at this moment the true sense of his destiny

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