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Celebration Son of Nuadh Amhach - text


Fearg, the churlish child
King to be of Ultraigh, intrepid
Bravery and rage in your heart
Son of Nuadh Amach you are

Resounding horns, the feast opens
Celebrating the chosen one

I praise thy courage
True heir of my realm, the one to inherit my throne
Your cunning and skill are remarkable
Our people will plead allegiance to your honor

Resounding horns, the feast opens
Celebrating the chosen one

Meangan, jealous son of the king
Provoked Fearg in a terrible fight
Despite his deep and bleeding wounds
The hero won the duel but was captured

Fearg had to fight another man to prove his innocence
Turmulus a massive young warrior charged with a wooden bludgeon
Once again the youngster vanquished, stronger than his opponent
Who is this man who could bring down this valiant boy of Ultraigh?

Lonely in this kingdom of fools he found support in two persons
Senacha the druid with whom he has a bond of deep respect
And Loucetius the daughter of the king, princess in love with him
The two lovers isolated decided to run away

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