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Twisted Ways - text


what is the reason why I'm losing sleep
what is the reason why I cant find my peace
got lost adrift in the dark for far too long
now my mind plays tricks but I go along

drift into another space and time
I'll back it up and make it real but darkness is divine
all what comes back is the result of my truth
violence is all around, hurting me and you

these voices and echoes in my head
still screaming out my name, but I try to seal my fate...

I woke up but I'm feeling fine
surrounded by the rays of light
these twisted ways you cannot see
I know I will succeed
... in a twisted way

it feels like minutes turning into hours
when it comes to me it takes me by surprise
some pass away but my journey goes on
this is what and where I'm coming from

all the years I spent to break out of this
so hold my hands to give me all I missed
pull my strings or I will fall
now I know that I'm surrounded by walls

these quests for answers in my head
feels like standing in the pouring rain
the awareness I was never born too late...

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidal Geralt

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