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Take Me To The Never - text


Somewhere in the darkness when your mind begins to fall
there only is silence in your memory, your destiny revealed
the line of life, pushed away, you're not heaven sent
your body freezes, your lips are cold
while you're looking towards the end

I say... if you could live forever
be the fool who never lies
this is tearing up your soul
you dare to see through my eyes ... you say

take me to this life, take me to the never
in my dreams, you belong to me
and I know, it's you and me forever
all your tears will never lie, hey

something in the back of your mind haunts you 'til you brake the chain
the passion of life and loneliness will free you of all your pain
but in your mirror there is a reflection, there's a secret that you keep
no way to tell if it's deception, no guarantee for your believes.

I say... now you got this far
it took enough to make you mine
all my lessons were no help at all
passed me by so many times

Text přidala Lucipher69

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