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I, the Deceiver - text

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Your mind belongs to all the creatures in my life,
Take my beliefs, throw them away,
They're crawling deep inside and leave my tears behind,
The lies you preach, the words I pray,
The stars fall and burst into flames
Redeeming hearts for souls with no names
I'm the deceiver, I rule the night
I will unveil all the secrets in your mind
I'm the believer, I steal the light
For all the saints I left a world behind
I curse the sun and life no longer turns you on,
Bearing my sins deep in your soul,
Now take control, all summon in but still alone,
Embrace the dead while the world carries on.
I had to hide and seek the dreams we once shared,
All of the lies I hear inside my head.
Take your beliefs and throw them all away,
You'll reach the world, for the price you pay.

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