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How Much Can You Take - text


oh I know you're not so easy to find
I never thought that life could be so unkind
I tried to reach you, pick you up again
but you're far beyond the reach of my helping hands

one step closer to the promised land
one step ahead, your false religion is a liar again
rule the game and life becomes a lullaby
while you choose your time... you choose your time to die

why I can't see the future, can't remember your name
how much more of this... how much can you take

even if you walked across the line
even if you told yourself another million lies
insides are wracked like a broken dream
you always find the words they will quiet me

lost within your mind it haunts you for so long
can't rewrite the past, integrity has gone
say it's your will to live forever
it's all the time you have it's now or never

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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