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Heart Of Hate - text


Raised in the heart of the cite heat
Where the city never sleeps
People falling apart from the rules
Will they ever learn
I'm livin' day by day
I'm afraid to sleep
I'm livin' on the edge

Raised in the soul of a human zoo
Where pity has no name
Like a cancer that grows over time
I feel the anger rise
I'm livin' day by day
Everyone seems to hate
I'm lookin' for a break

Hatred and violence
Surrounds and controls
Times gettin' harder
I'm doin' time on skid row

Hate burns like fire
In the depths of hell
Feels like I'm dyin'
In this heart of hate

Depression fills the city streets
I've seen where poverty grows
No way to heal this cruel disease
Only pain remains
I'm livin' day by day
Everyone seems to hate
But life goes on and on

Text přidala Depresska

Video přidala Andiseq

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