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Feed Me Lies - text


The sun is black, the day is night, the future seems so real
A human life, a fragile heart all made of silk and steel
Where did you disappear and why did you fall in fear
You tried to speak your mind but left us all behind...
Without the wreckage from the past there's no need to leave this place
As my spirit falls and seems to last, I'll leave this empty space
This fear keeps me awake at night, I need you by my side
It seems so endless now, I wonder why I'm still alive

When I look in your eyes, screams rent the air
Give me some place to find, give me back this heart of mine

My life's on the edge, am I wasting time
What do I expect to find
You forced me down, it's haunting inside
When you feed me lies

There is no right to judge me for what I have done or lost
It's been a long time since I have seen you from above
No god will save you when you're lost or left behind
Neither will you ever find your dark but hidden side
But some things never seem to change, again you've come undone
I'll take it to the ground to see who's going up or down
It's coming over you, changing you from the inside
You're strange points of view keep the influence alive

Time after time, now I have to wonder
The fear I might hide has put us under

Text přidala Lucipher69

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