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My sister came from the water
Stroked over my dead body
I don't tell anyone in case they all leave
What's a dry mouth anyhow when it all means nothing?
I'd like to love her when she's uncovered
When I'm better
Maybe take care of her soft head, damp skull
Sticky hands, four legs, wet mound, eye boat, heat stroke
Look at how our hearts choked
She'll be there with me maybe seeing guilt free
Hitting off the acid

Me and my sister
She don't even know that when I was born
I had the same eyes as mum and they just glowed

I've been dreaming about this light when I'm sleeping
I've been thinking about the lives that it's all keeping
I don't know where we go when we're older
I just know that underground is where the souls don't go

We are from the same mum

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Video přidala Ketyss

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