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Plath Heart - text


There's no loving after
All this crap we've been through
If I've not come up back to you
Pretty boy your smile
Planting in my spine
Don't get a hold on me
Is it time
We're meant to be free

No only faith
Only faith
Only faith

Didn't do exactly what you told me
When you scold me
Leads me to implore the
Golden hole which was
Surely given to make
Beautiful children
And push and push and push
And out slides the golden baby
With nice dark hair
And beating in like thin air
Not your eyes
Just the beating of a plath heart
Shooting in the wet dark
I poke and turn
You smoke and yearn

Take me my darling for
I've been waiting so long
For you to come

Text přidala Ketyss

Video přidala Ketyss

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