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There's a chill tonight on the Yarra
Winter is creeping in
While far away my loved ones
Wake up in England's spring
And although delights await me
All the way to Flinders Street
It's that little piece of heaven
With which they must compete
When The Saints take on The Magpies
Someday too far away
I barrack for St. Kilda
In that funny game they play
But my heart's not really in it
My mind wanders to a town
Where The Hammers sing "I'm forever blowing bubbles"
And the rain comes pouring down
Yes, it's still raining in England
Guess that's why I like it here
There's a brolly in my hotel room
For when the skies aren't clear
'Cause it never rains in Sydney
And it never rains in Perth
Adelaide's a desert
And Brisbane's just scorched earth
So excuse me please such days as there
And send me to the town
Where the children sing when St. Kilda win
And the rain comes falling down
So wake me up tomorrow
And send me home again
To where The Hammers sing "I'm forever blowing bubbles"
In the pouring London rain

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